Twin Selena Gomez Co-Stars: We’ve Got Nine-Inch Dicks

Picture: Matteo

After parlaying a viral


magazine profile
into a
Selena Gomez movie

Spring Breaker

s, Sidney and Thurman Sewell — often referred to as
the ATL Twins
— make a splash at nyc Fashion day. The dual brothers “share everything,” down seriously to the


pet these people were when interested to “with each other.” At Olivier Zahm’s


yesterday, the duo talked into Cut about performing, being “gnarlier” than Terry Richardson, as well as how they will certainly soon “be all Bieber style.”

Correct on their usual ”
same individual in two bodies
” develop, the brothers talked together and completed each other individuals’ phrases with this type of regularity that people must transcribe all of them together.

And that means you’re from Atlanta?

Yeah, we got into community now, but we had been in Toronto [for the film festival].

Spring Breakers

is amazing. It is next-level shit. Therefore could you write an article about you?

We will see. You’re
questioned for



Yeah, and Terry Richardson photographed all of us. It actually was dope.

Performed he get you to do anything crazy? He is usually trying to press the package.

Naturally. We pressed


envelopes. We were like, let us get gnarlier. He had been meant to reach our accommodation with a bunch of design girls, but he has this really traditional gf today and she’s got him on a taut leash. Very yeah, his lady was actually falling. We introduced a large butt bottle of Grey Goose, but Terry is sober as shit, and all the staff had been as if you are unable to drink that around him. We are like, oh whatever, Terry is actually Terry, he does not provide a fuck. So we’d go outside the house for a smoke and he comes out and it is like, ‘Smoke internally, drink inside, I really don’t offer a fuck, let’s do this.’ And so the stylist had two personnel together and one of those ended up being fairly lovely therefore we’re asking Terry are we able to gang on the lady? We were like, arrive over here and obtain naked.

Okay, driving the envelope.

We wished to get gnarlier. Do you see our very own


interview yet?
Take a look, all of our name’s on cover

Kind. How will you experience it?

We’re stoked about this. Understand this shit. There are many folks in this crap.


Considering journal.

] Aw, there is infant pictures.

Yeah, the audience is constantly together. We were involved to a girl together. A


model, we practically partnered her. [

Flips through journal.

] Double-page spread out. This is our fantasy. We express every little thing. Even local girls tonight we are in the same sleep, but there will be some chick in the middle. Maybe it’ll be you.


You will never know. Its early in the night time and there’s lots of medicines as accomplished.

Hmm, i am however gonna choose ‘no’ thereon one. In any event, what is actually next individually men?

We are making an HBO program with Harmony [Korine,

Spring Breakers

manager] about crap.

Are you able to be more certain?

It really is an HBO show.

Yes, that component we realized.

It’s, like, variety of documentary-style about all of our life. Half fact, one half scripted.



Just. Except gnarlier. You understand how truth demonstrates just will not reveal men and women fucking? Well, we will reveal that. We’re going to show us drilling bitches. We exploited ladies — everyone is going to detest us. We’re transferring to L.A., on the Hollywood Hills. We are going to get a big million-dollar upfront package. We’ll be all Bieber style.

Wow, I found myself perhaps not planning on that contrast.

But except gnarlier, just as in gender tapes. We will be big. When you see us next we are going to be like, ‘Who the fuck will you be? Protection!’ Nah, merely joking. Can you get men and women to follow all of our Instagram? It really is ATLtwins, and our very own Twitter is
. We had to alter all of our Instagram profile like twenty occasions because people kept banning you. Selena Gomez’s enthusiasts were flagging united states.

Let me know about working with their?

She was cool. She knew we were crazy as shit, but she was cool. We chatted to Bieber in the telephone. We discussed skateboarding.

Are you experiencing a straightforward time obtaining ladies?

We nine-inch cocks.

Well, i’ll presume they don’t realize that if they meet you. What is your collection step?

We are lovely as crap.