Just How Long Do Men Last The First Time Sex? | Men’s Room Wellness Magazine Australia

How Long Do Guys Past Initially Sex? | Men’s Room Health Mag Australian Continent

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9 Blokes Share Just How Long They Survived Their Unique Very First Time

Over/Under a minute? – by Alex Pierotti

Just in case you’ve skipped every embarrassing high-school sex-comedy film ever made (think United states Pie, Superbad), absolutely a certain assumption the first time you participate in bed room rodeo, you aren’t going to keep going the exact distance. Hell, you could actually erupt after one stroke or one push. But, we additionally realize Hollywood wants to exaggerate for several added lols.

Just how long perform men and women normally final when considering their own basic work period? You’ll be amazed in the event the folk at


are almost anything to pass. Turns out consumers in the preferred opinion-sharing website lasted between one pump, about a minute or an hour. This is what that they had to say about their first-time:

“initially my spouse and I had sex neither of us orgasmed. It isn’t actually a necessity of sex. We however had a lot of enjoyable.”

– @


“I happened to be able to devote simply the tip of my personal son and exploded immediately. We chuckled it off, but and drank a glass of Gin Tonic as a celebration! Nonetheless a fond memory these days. As well as over here moths, the sex improved too.”

– @


“Three pumps.”

– @


“I never ended upwards completing at all really, possibly it actually was nerves, possibly I just truly didn’t know what I found myself undertaking.

” – @


bout 1 min.  As soon as i obtained a tad bit more experience under my belt I’d jerk off before-going off to assist relieve the compulsion. That would enable myself bang like a machine for some time.”

– @


“first time only a little over 1h, most likely because I emerged a couple of hours before and the 2nd time about 5min.”

– @

“i did not finally, she came around an hour or so and a half in. I got to jerk myself of to complete. Nether the much less it had been great. The times after that she however emerged way earlier in the day and that I had to jerk me of… After about a couple of months At long last was able to appear inside her (with a condom) ever since then the two of us taught to climax collectively and it’s really wonderful!”


“did not use anything. Survived someplace in the spot of 3-5 min? It was not that strenuous though as it ended up being both the first times so it was actually a little more about getting into a rhythm that individuals’re both familiar with than any such thing. She was actually learning how to position the woman hips and.

” – @


“thirty minutes. It ended whenever she shook my personal penis with her hands (PIV sex didn’t get it done for me).”

– @

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